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Turning back the tide of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Evolutionary changes in genes linked to rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may be responsible for higher incidence and earlier onset in Indigenous North American populations.

Collaboration investigates possible immunotherapy for rare melanomas

New research will investigate the potential for personalised immunotherapies for a group of melanoma patients who d...

Why some moles become melanoma still a mystery

Testing for two gene mutations commonly associated with melanoma would be insufficient to determine whether a mole ...

Renal cancer patients at risk of chronic kidney disease

Strategies to reduce the burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in patients undergoing surgery for kidney cancer have been identified in a new study.

What can go wrong in the blood? A brief overview of bleeding, clotting and cancer

While blood is essential for human life, there are many things that can go wrong. And as it travels around the body and flows through every organ, problems in the blood can have wide-ranging implications for our health. There are countless problems that can occur in this vital fluid; here, we’ll have a look at the most common - bleeding disorders, clotting disorders and blood cancers.

Genomics project among UQ winners at prestigious NHMRC awards

University of Queensland research that could lead to new drug treatments for the debilitating arthritis ankylosing spondylitis (AS) has received a prestigious national award.

New molecular pathway in sepsis could lead to potential treatments

Researchers at The University of Queensland have identified a potential new target for supportive treatments of septic shock.

Gene therapy could ‘turn off’ severe allergies

A single treatment giving life-long protection from severe allergies such as asthma could be made possible through immunology research at The University of Queensland.

New genetic research to help early melanoma detection

Knowing your risk of developing melanoma could be as simple as taking a saliva based genetic test, with a Queensland Government funded project set to revolutionise early detection of the deadly skin cancer.

Now is the time for dermatologists to learn genomics

Dermatologists may need to look further than red hair and freckles when identifying patients who might be genetically predisposed to skin cancer.

Diversity key to better lymphoma immune response

A University of Queensland researcher has found patients with non-hodgkins lymphoma are most likely to survive if they have a rich variety of T-cells.

State backs UQ researchers to create change

Researchers from The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Medicine are celebrating success in the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Fellowships scheme.

UQ tackles Crohn’s disease thanks to research grant

A University of Queensland (UQ) researcher will play a key role with an international scientific team investigating the causes of Crohn’s disease as part of the Eastern Inflammatory Bowel Disease Gut Microbiota (ENIGMA) project.

Research to produce real world data on blood cancer treatments

New research could help to provide access to emerging treatments for Australians with slow growing but incurable blood cancers.

Flagship UQ research program to deliver health outcomes

Projects tackling key health challenges of antimicrobial use and skin cancer are the first to be funded under a flagship initiative by The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine.

Researchers strive to shine light on thin skin cancers

University of Queensland research will determine which patients are least likely to survive melanoma, in an effort to help them beat the disease, thanks to a Cancer Council grant.

UQDI professor makes ‘highly cited’ list for 2016

Amyloid study pinpoints protein culprits

Published 2 November 2016 A five-year trial at a Brisbane Hospital has increased the accuracy of diagnosing patients with amyloidosis, a group of rare and incurable diseases caused by abnormal protein deposits in tissues and organs.

Autism genes exist in us all

Published October 2016 By Dr Marie-Jo Brion A new study has found that genetic factors underlying autism are present in everyone and are influencing our behaviour.

Birth weight and adult disease are genetically linked, study finds

Published 29 September 2016 Genes can help explain why some babies have a low birth weight, a major international study jointly led by The University of Queensland has found. Researchers from UQ’s Diamantina Institute were part of a consortium from 17 countries that identified 60 genetic variants associated with birth weight, including 53 new variants.

International grant grows UQ research

Published 23 September 2016 A University of Queensland researcher has received a prestigious international grant recognising his pioneering research into new treatments for growth disorders.

Study reveals cholesterol link in aggressive cancers

Published 8 August 2016 University of Queensland research has revealed how fats – including cholesterol – could increase the progression of aggressive cancers. UQ Diamantina Institute study leader Associate Professor Michelle Hill said the findings offered potential new treatment strategies and targets.

Patients’ genes could hold the clue to reducing severe sepsis

Published 1 August 2016 Patients’ genes could unlock urgently needed new treatments for severe sepsis, which kills three and a half times as many Australians as the road toll. Researchers from The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and the George Institute for Global Health, Sydney, are investigating whether genetic variation between critically-ill patients contributes to their susceptibility to bacterial infection, the severity of their disease and their response to treatment.

UQ research hones in on new TB drugs

Published 22 June 2016 University of Queensland scientists are honing in on drug resistant tuberculosis (TB), in a project which could lead to new antibiotics. The UQ team has identified four new classes of compounds which act against TB bacteria, and hopes commercialisation activities could begin within two to three years.

UQ researchers identify potential anti-cancer target

Published 3 June 2016 University of Queensland researchers have discovered a key driver in the development of most cancers, including breast, lung, liver and ovarian cancers. UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Dr Pascal Duijf said the discovery could be the foundation for improved cancer diagnosis, new treatments and better assessment of a patient’s prognosis.

Losing (immune) memories: a promising new approach for treating type 1 diabetes

Published 7 April 2016 New research from the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute reveals that it is possible to specifically turn off certain immune memory cells that are harmful in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). Not only could this limit the progression of T1D but there is also evidence that this can substantially improve islet transplant outcomes, and thus facilitate disease reversal.

Timing is Everything: Monitoring melanoma tumour growth and treatment response

Published 9 March 2016 Researchers at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute have published a unique method that enables them to use real time, 3 Dimensional imaging to visualise the growth of melanoma tumours.

Arthritis drug may help stop the spread of bone cancer

Published 16 November 2015 New research from the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute reveals how an existing treatment for rheumatoid arthritis could be used to prevent the spread of osteosarcoma tumours.

UQDI Researchers Lead Largest Ever Genetic Study of Eczema: ten new genes identified

Published 5 November 2015 Researchers from the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute have led an international team of researchers as part of the largest ever genetic investigation into the causes of eczema.

Bacterial Bridges: new method to advance human microbiome ​research

Published 6 October 2015 A team of researchers at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute has developed a new method that is set to significantly improve the way we study the human gut microbiome and, by extension, advance our understanding of how the genetics of these microbes affect human health.

In Detail: Cancer test predicts treatment outcome

Published 2 October 2015 By Dr Fiona McMillan Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) is the sixth most common form of cancer worldwide. It’s a blood cancer that arises from white blood cells called B-cells, which normally play a...

Cancer test predicts treatment outcome

Published 2 October 2015 University of Queensland researchers have announced a new tool in the fight against cancer, with the development of a world-first test that will direct treatment choices for patients with some forms of blood cancer.

Drug significantly reduces the spread of bone cancer

Published 3 September 2015 By Dr Fiona McMillan University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researcher Dr Liliana Endo-Munoz has identified two proteins that play a pivotal r...

Survival improves for deadly, rare childhood cancer

Published 2 September 2015 New research from Children’s Health Queensland, UQ Diamantina Institute and Cancer Council shows survival rates are on the rise for a dangerous yet rare form of childhood cancer.

Successful STEM education program finds new home at UQ

Published 25 Aug, 2015 The University of Queensland has assumed management of the Wonder of Science program, a successful Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) education program that provides authentic science inquiry opportunities for regional, rural and Indigenous Queensland students.

Bad genes lead teens to binge-eating

Published 21 July 2015 Binge-eating in teenagers may be linked to a gene variation, according to new research from the University of Queensland.

UQDI collaboration gives new insight into squamous cell carcinoma treatment

Published 1 July 2015 Every year in Australia, more than 4000 people are diagnosed with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC). In more than half of these patients, the disease is already advanced and their prognosis is poor.

Inner-space: A Journey into the Microbiome

Published 29 June 2015 Let’s begin with a remarkable fact. Right now there are ten times as many microorganisms (‘microbes’) in and on your body than there are human cells. In effect, most of you is not actually you.

Cervical cancer vaccine hero wins international award

Published 12 June 2015 The University of Queensland’s Professor Ian Frazer, co-creator of the cervical cancer vaccine, has won a 2015 European Inventor Award.

R&D deal heralds new treatments for debilitating conditions

Published 11 June 2015 New treatments are on the horizon for ankylosing spondylitis and two other debilitating conditions that affect up to three per cent of the global population – thanks to a research and development deal involving University of Queensland research.

Early clinical trial success for new rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Published 4 June 2015 University of Queensland researchers have developed a world-first vaccine-style therapeutic approach to treat rheumatoid arthritis, a debilitating disease affecting more than 450,000 people in Australia.

New study shows how an important class of proteins send messages

Published 22 May 2015 Dr Andrew Brooks is the Group Leader of the Cytokine Receptor Signalling Group at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (Australia), and is part of an international team of scientists who have determined that unstructured parts of Class 1 cytokine receptors are able to interact with the inner membrane of cells.

Research looks to stop allergic asthma at the source

Published 5 May 2015 Asthma is a chronic lung condition that affects more than 2 million Australians. During an asthma attack, inflammation of the airways causes chest tightness and shortness of breath.

New blood test detects non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Published 28 April 2015 In a study published this month in the journal Blood, UQDI’s Professor Maher Gandhi and his colleagues at Stanford University have revealed a new technique that enables early detection of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

UQ’s cervical cancer hero needs your vote

Published 21 April 2015 The University of Queensland’s Professor Ian Frazer – hailed as “the man who saved a million lives” – has been named a finalist in the prestigious 2015 European Inventor Awards.

Nine News features promising new breast cancer research

Breast cancer research at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute is bypassing the tumour and focusing on the environment in which the cancer lives.

Study reveals high-cholesterol diet increases spread of prostate cancer

Published 31 March 2015 University of Queensland research has shown that a high-cholesterol diet increases the spread of prostate cancer tumours to lymph nodes, lungs and bones.

UQ medical stars light up new Academy

Published 25 March 2015 Researchers from The University of Queensland feature prominently in the newly formed Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

Bridgestone grant to support search for a blood cancer cure

Published 20 February 2015 Bridgestone has presented its inaugural Career Establishment Grant to a Queensland researcher to help find a cure for blood cancer – a disease which strikes 31 Australians daily.

Cancer Council Queensland invests in promising UQ research

Published 5 February 2015 University of Queensland research to prevent, treat and diagnose a range of cancers has been boosted by the injection of $1.78 million in Cancer Council Queensland funding.

Researchers join force with the Australian Institute of Sport

Published 2 February 2015 Recreational runners are wanted for the largest online study of its kind in Australia to determine the role of genetics in exercise-induced bone and tendon injuries.

Sun damage and cancer: how UV radiation affects our skin

Published 13 January 2015 Around 30 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma every day and more than 1,200 die from the disease each year. While small amounts of ultraviolet (UV) radiation are required for the production of vitamin D to keep bones and muscles strong and healthy, skin can burn from just 15 minutes of exposure to the summer sun.

Dad’s melanoma leads to Masters for young doctor

Published 19 December 2014 Dr Carly Fox realised a lifelong dream when she graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine in 2008. However, when her father was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 46 and died within a year, her career path took a detour.

New research sheds light on skin cancer and immune response

Published 19 November 2014 Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common form of skin cancer. One of the major causes of SCC is sun exposure, which can cause DNA damage. SCC is treatable if caught early, but if left untreated for too long, it can become malignant.

NHMRC awards $5.44 million to UQDI research

Published 31 October 2014 UQ Diamantina Institute researchers have received funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) across seven projects

Arthritis treatment up for people’s choice award

Published 4 September 2014 UQ Diamantina Institute’s efforts to translate research on autoimmune diseases into life-changing treatments has attracted a nomination in the Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia (KCA) Research Commercialisation Awards.

Free Public Forum Monday 1 September Your Health Future: "Genes & Me"

Monday 1 September 6pm A UQ Diamantina Institute free public forum

Chinese students experience Australian research

Published 25 August 2014 Research institutes at The University of Queensland (UQ) hosted 24 Chinese students from Fudan University and Wenzhou Medical College for six weeks, enabling closer ties between the institutions.

'Near patient' research program targets blood cancer

Published 12 August 2014 Research into blood cancer will be boosted with a new high-level appointment at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Haematologist Profes...

New oncology research facility aims to accelerate personalised cancer medicine

1 August 2014 Research into skin, blood and breast cancers has been ramped up in Queensland with the opening of the southern hemisphere’s largest and most sophisticated genome sequencing centre. ...

Researchers named best and brightest scientific minds of our time

Published 11 July 2014 Two UQ Diamantina Institute researchers have been ranked among ‘The world’s most influential scientific minds’ by multinational media body Thomson Reuters.  Congratulations to

3D melanoma model helps explain therapy evasion

Published 10 June 2014 By Dr Fiona McMillan Researchers at The University o...

Tangled DNA Linked with Chemotherapy Resistance in Melanoma

Published 3 June 2014  By Dr Fiona McMillan   Melanoma has a reputation for quickly developing resistance to chemotherapy, but the reason for this has remained unclear.   Resea...

A Promising New Advance in Gene Therapy

30 May 2014 by Dr Fiona McMillan University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researchers Dr Roberta Mazzieri and Davide Moi have contributed to an important new gene therapy study published in

Researchers enjoy funding success

Published 12th May, 2014 Two researchers from the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, Dr Pascal Duijf and Dr Michelle Hill, have recently been awarded grants from the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) commencing January ...

Channel 7 Features UQDI Genetics Expertise

Published 9th April, 2014 The potential for genetic testing to be used to diagnose diseases such as cystic fibrosis, arthritis and coeliac disease was the focus of a Channel 7 news segment this week. University of Queensland Diamantina Ins...

Vaccine targets non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Published 20 March 2014 A vaccine to treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is one step closer after a University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researcher received a grant from the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland. Dr Stephen Ma...

Little bugs lead to big discoveries

Published 5th February, 2014 The development of novel immune therapies and vaccines in Brisbane and Perth has been awarded an $11.8 million program grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council. A team o...

Testing times as US clamps down on genotyping

Published 5th February, 2014   Genotyping is again in the news after the US Food and Drug Administration ordered US genomics company 23andMe to cease conducting genetic testing.   Univ...

A Trojan Horse for Human Breast Cancer

Published 28 January 2014 By Dr Fiona McMillan   Dr Roberta Mazzieri at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute is working with cancer researchers in Italy to develop a non-toxic treatment for human breast ca...

Breaking down bone cancer

Published 8th January, 2014 by Dr Fiona McMillan University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researcher Dr Liliana Endo Munoz has discovered that the cells responsible for normal bone destruction may help prevent bone cancer fr...

Discovery of hidden genetic links offers hope for RA sufferers

Published 6th January, 2014   An international study that has identified new genetic regions involved in rheumatoid arthritis has shed light on existing medicines that could be effective in treating the disease.  ...

Skin cancer breakthrough to be developed in Brisbane

A strategic partnership between The University of Queensland and global pharmaceutical company LEO Pharma will investigate the genetic causes of squamous cell carcinoma, the world’s second most common skin cancer.

Researchers relish NHMRC successes

A number of University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researchers have been announced as recipients of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants.

UQDI researcher awarded prestigious Fellowship for genomics research

Professor David Evans has been awarded an esteemed Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for his work on the genetic basis of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Key genes discovered behind Jeune Syndrome

Scientists from The University of Queensland’s Diamantina Institute (UQDI) and Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB) have identified three new genes behind Jeune Syndrome, a devastating inherited disease in which severe bone deformities lead to profound breathing difficulties and usually early death.

New piece of the puzzle uncovered in rheumatoid arthritis

Scientists at The University of Queensland's Diamantina Institute (UQDI) and Monash University have made a breakthrough in understanding the high-risk genes behind people’s development of rheumatoid arthritis.

Cancer research foundation funds new treatment centre

A comprehensive cancer centre based at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Translational Research Institute (TRI) will be realised by a $2M grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

New method of identifying biological pathways involved in the development of disease

A University of Queensland researcher is combining genetics and statistics to shed new light on conditions such as coronary heart disease, asthma and diabetes.

UQ researchers to feature at Brisbane AusBiotech Conference

The University of Queensland's scientific excellence will be on show at the AusBiotech Conference in Brisbane in October.

TRI: It's Official

A unique partnership between medical and research visionaries was realised when the Governor-General, Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO, officially opened the new Translational Research Institute in Brisbane.

New approach to coeliac genetic testing improves identification of those at risk

University of Queensland researchers have contributed to the development of a new approach to detecting coeliac disease, revealing the immune disorder is far more common than previously recognised.

New rheumatoid arthritis treatment moves a step closer to reality

A new rheumatoid arthritis treatment has moved a step closer to reality with the announcement of collaboration between a University of Queensland start-up company and a major pharmaceutical firm.

Students benefit from global research connections

Three of The University of Queensland’s top research institutes will host 23 undergraduate science and biomedical students from China’s Fudan University this month.

UQ Contact Magazine: Health and Medical Feature

Hope for prevention of herpes through new vaccine

A University of Queensland spin-off company is about to start clinical trials that could result in the prevention and treatment of genital herpes, a virus that affects hundreds of thousands of people, threatens newborn babies and is believed to contribute to the development of HIV.

Researchers push towards arthritis treatment

SCIENTISTS are closer to unravelling a 40-year-old genetic mystery, after identifying a further 13 regions of the human genome linked to a debilitating form of arthritis.

Cell therapy to fight skin cancer

Invasive procedures for removing non-melanoma skin cancers such as freezing or surgery may soon be a thing of the past.

To vaccinate or to not vaccinate?

Professor Ian Frazer AC provides expert insight as a leading figure in the vaccine world regarding the importance of immunisations.

Professor Matt Brown wins top science prize for battling disease

Published 16th May, 2013 A Queensland medical researcher who is on the trail of genetic markers for rheumatoid arthritis and tuberculosis has won the state's top science prize. 

Leading minds meet to revolutionise health care

World-leading health experts will converge for the Diamantina Health Partners ‘Meeting of Minds’ tomorrow to discuss the latest in health care for Queenslanders.

UQDI Director elected for prestigious science fellowship

The University of Queensland's place as a global research leader has been highlighted with today's announcement that five UQ scientists are among 20 new Australian Academy of Science Fellows for 2013.

New head and neck cancer therapy

Researchers at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) have developed a new predictive diagnostic test to determine patient response to a head and neck cancer treatment.

Saliva test could detect early stages of HPV-linked oral cancer

Published 11th March, 2013 The University of Queensland has received a major funding boost to its development of a saliva test to diagnose the early stages of head and neck cancer linked to Human Papillomavirus (HPV). UQ&rsq...

Professor Ian Frazer named in Top 50 vaccine personalities

Published 27th February, 2013 Professor Ian Frazer has been identified in the Top 50 vaccine personalities internationally through an online poll by Terrapinn. Coming in at number 28, Professor Frazer who is CEO and Director...

Unravelling the mysteries of type 1 diabetes

Published 27th February, 2013   Research toward understanding the developmental risk of type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a step closer after a major funding announcement by JDRF, the world’s l...

Volunteers needed for a study of the incidence of asymptomatic herpes in young people

NHMRC announces grant success for best research projects

Published 18th December 2012   Minister for Health Tanya Plibersek has announced $127.9 million for 151 grants for ground-breaking health and medical research across Australia.   “The G...

Funding approved for tuberculosis and HPV research projects

Published 18th December, 2012   Papilloma virus infections and superbug tuberculosis strains will come under renewed attack, after the federal government today agreed to support two University of Queensland research proj...

We're moving!

Published 30th November, 2012 The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute is in the process of moving buildings. We will soon be located at the new Translational Research Institute on Cornwall St in Woolloongabba. As we will ...

The Science of Immunisation: Questions and Answers

Published 26th November, 2012 Common myths about immunisation have been laid to rest in a comprehensive new booklet written by the nation’s top immunologists and published by the Australian Academy of Science. &nbs...

ACRF provides $4m for promising cancer research at UQ

Published 19th November, 2012 Targeted cancer detection and treatment programs at The University of Queensland will be advanced following $4 million funding announced by the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).  ...

Solving the paradox of the missing heritability

Published 15th November, 2012 A University of Queensland researcher has won the $25,000 Centenary Institute, Lawrence Creative Prize (CILC Prize) at a f...

UQDI researchers celebrate success following NHMRC grant announcement

Published 25th October, 2012   The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researchers have enjoyed deserved success following the recent announcement of NHMRC grant funding.   The Univ...

UQDI researchers lead the way in a US$4m project to unravel the genetics of a debilitating form of arthritis

Published 3rd October, 2012 Researchers at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) and their international collaborators will c...

Small genetic change has heavy consequences

Published Monday 17th September, 2012 One small change to the DNA sequence can cause more weighty changes to the human body, according to a new stu...

Winning research-based ideas blaze a bright trail for the future

Published 10th September, 2012 New approaches to cancer treatment was the winning idea from the Grand Final of

Adrian Cortes wins at GeneMappers Conference

Published 3rd September, 2012 Adrian Cortes’ presentation on the genetics of ankylosing spondylitis has won him the Best Oral Presentation in the Student category at the GeneMappers 2012 conference in Port Douglas.  An...

Jana McCaskill en route to Paris after win in Hong Kong

Published 7th August, 2012 University of Queensland Diamantina Institute PhD Student Jana McCaskill has been announced as the recipient of the Best Student Aw...

Visscher eyes Eureka science prize

Published 1st August, 2012 Professor Visscher and his team from The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI), the Queens...

Professor Ranjeny Thomas a finalist in the GSK Awards for Research Excellence

Published 30th July, 2012 Professor Ranjeny Thomas has been named a finalist in one of Australia’s longest running and most prestigious...

Dr Michelle Hill awarded prestigious ARC Future Fellowship

Published 30th July, 2012 The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute's Dr Michelle hill has been announced a winner of a Australian Research Council (ARC) ...

The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute to collaborate on $14m sports science project

Published 30th July, 2012 Bond University will lead a national $14million sports science research project in collaboration with The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. The project is the largest of its kind, with $5.75 million c...

Gardasil vaccine to be available for boys in 2013

Published 12th July, 2012 In a world first, Australian schoolboys will be able to r...

Grant awarded for further investigation into melanoma research

Published 12th June, 2012 Associate Professor Brian Gabrielli of The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) has r...

Grant awarded for further investigation into melanoma research

Published 12th June, 2012 Associate Professor Brian Gabrielli of The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) has recently won a g...

Queen bestows award on Australian science great

Published 12th June, 2012 Leading science innovator Professor Ian Frazer has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours Li...

Associate Professor Emma Duncan named Clinical Researcher of the Year

Published 4th June, 2012 A University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researcher has been awarded one of the State’s top science a...

Mock court trial examines chronic disease research

Each year thousands of Australians are affected by chronic disease. Diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, infection and cancers are often life threatening and debilitating, and ongoing research holds the key to preventing and managing...

Young Science Ambassadors awarded

Published 4th June, 2012   Three UQDI researchers have recently received an Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Young Science Ambassador (ATSE) award.   The ATSE awards a...

Professor Ian Frazer secures Bupa Health Foundation award for skin cancer research

Published 8th May, 2012 UQDI's Professor Ian Frazer, inventor of the cervical cancer vaccine and 2006 Australian of the Year, has been awarded a 2012 Bupa Health Foundation Award. Professor Frazer received the award to assist his w...

Researchers discover genes responsible for fracture susceptibility and the risk of osteoporosis

Published 27th April, 2012 The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute’s researchers have played a leading role in a recent study into osteoporosis, more than doubling the number of currently known genes ...

Dr Gethin Thomas comments on new protein research into osteoporosis

Published 20th April, 2012 A protein produced by bone cells could help in the development of better treatments for osteoporosis.   Professor Hiroshi Takayanagi, of Tokyo Medical and Dental Unive...

Head and neck cancer research centre established in Brisbane

Published 9th March, 2012 The vision of a specialised centre to better understand and treat head and neck cancers will come to fruition — thanks to $15 million funding from Atlantic Philanthropies, the Queensland Gover...

Professor Ian Frazer - a National Treasure

Published 5th March, 2012 Professor Ian Frazer has been named as one of seven of Australia's new National Living Treasures in Sydney yesterday.     Professor Frazer was awarded the accolade along...

Next-generation sequencing uncovers another genetic mystery in skeletal dysplasia

Published 1st March, 2012 Following on from the success of last year’s UQDI and UQCCG collaborative approach of gene-mapping a new form of dwarfism (anauxetic dysplasia), yet another achievement in the genetics of ...

The TRI Student Retreat

The TRI will be holding a Student Retreat on Thursday the 19th of April and all students ar...

Novel analysis offers clues to schizophrenia underpinnings

Published 20th February, 2012 A new method of genetic analysis developed by researchers based at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) and the Queensland Institute of Medic...

Nature paper reveals the genetic influence on our IQ as we age

Published 19th January, 2012 Researchers from Brisbane, Edinburgh and Aberdeen have revisited approximately 2,000 people who underwent ...

Innovative rheumatoid arthritis therapy receives backing from Janssen

Published 18th January, 2012 UniQuest, The University of Queensland’s main research commercial...

Defending the genome-wide association study

Published 13th January, 2012   Since 2005, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have successfully identified thousands of genes responsible for common human diseases.

Professor Ian Frazer named a Councillor for the Australian Academy of Science

Published 14th December, 2011 Professor Ian Frazer, who is world-renowned for inventing the cervical cancer vaccine, has become one of the most ...

Professor Ranjeny Thomas a finalist in the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards

Published 5th December, 2011   UQDI’s Professor Ranjeny Thomas has been named as a finalist in the Health category of the Australian Innovation Challenge Awards for her development of a rheumatoid arthritis va...

Dr Ray Steptoe awarded ARC Future Fellowship

Published 14th November, 2011   UQDI’s Dr Ray Steptoe has been announced as a winner of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship for 201...

New insight into how the skin evades the immune system

Published 8th November, 2011 By Fiona McMillan A collaboration between researchers at UQDI and the

The TRI Christmas BBQ & Football Tournament - Registrations Open!

Published 2nd November, 2011   Each o...

Professor Matt Brown to present seminar on modern medicine and genetics at UQ's Global Challenge Leadership event

Published 21st October, 2011 As part of The University of Queensland's Global Challenge Leadership Series being held in China this month, modern medicine and genetics, nano and biotechnologies will be some of the topics discussed in Guangz...

Research Fellowships in cancer and diseases of immune regulation

  The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) is seeking Expressions of Interest from high calibre mid-career research scientists to be considered for the 2012 round of the Australian Research Council Future Fellowships a...

UQ start-up research results offer hope for herpes sufferers

Published 20th October, 2011 Coridon Pty Ltd, a University of Queensland (UQ) start-up company established to commercialise Professor Ian Frazer’s work in developing next generation DNA vaccines, has successfully completed pre-clinic...

Dr Fiona Simpson meets with local Brisbane radio host to talk about the importance of cancer research and rubber ducks

Published 19th October, 2011 Laurel Edwards, radio announcer for 4KQ’s breakfast show, stopped by The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute to talk to Dr Fiona Simpson about her research projects and the upcoming Great Brisba...

Turmeric could be the link to treating type 2 diabetes

Published 18th October, 2011 Researchers at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute are developing a new technology derived from turmeric that could provide hope for patients with type 2 diabetes.  

Jana McCaskill in AusBiotech national final

Published 12th October, 2011   UQDI's Jana McCaskill is one of six state winners of the AusBiotech/GSK Student E...

SPARQ-ed students investigate melanoma cell research

Published 2nd October, 2011 Fifteen SPARQ-ed students presented their findings on melanoma cells at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute on Friday the 30th of September, concluding a week-long intensive research pro...

UQ experts join health taskforce

Published 27th September, 2011   Two University of Queensland researchers have been chosen as part of an expert panel to conduct an independent review on health and medical research in Australia.

Researchers take out multiple awards at PA Week, WiT and AusBiotech Awards

Published 26th September, 2011 Three UQDI researchers have recently been named as winners in their respective fields at multiple awards ceremonies during September. At PA Week, held at The Princess Alexandra Hospital...

New Director appointed to the UQDI

Published 26th September, 2011 Professor Matt Brown was recently announced as the new Director of The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Professor Brown has been acting as Interim Director of the UQDI since Professor ...

The 2011 UQDI Open Day

  Published 23rd September, 2011   Thursday the 22nd of September saw a number of students visit The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute’s first on-campus Open Day, held at The Pri...

The 2011 Jian Zhou Oration

Published 14th September, 2011   On the evening of Tuesday the 13th of September, the annual Jian Zhou Memorial Oration was held at Customs House and attended by over 150 UQDI researchers, staff and respected ...

Dr Angus Harding wins UQ award for brain tumour research

Published 14th September, 2011 A UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award won by Dr Angus Harding will assist with critical discoveries in the field of brain tumour research. Dr Harding, a Research Fellow at The University of Quee...

The 2011 UQDI Research Symposium Itinerary

The first UQDI Research Symposium will be held at the QBI Auditorium on Friday the 16th of September, 2011. The scientific event program will feature presentations of a generalist nature from all research labs within the UQDI an...

Dr Peter Darben recognised for excellence in science

  Published 18th August, 2011 25 Queenslanders, including UQDI's SPARQ-ed Co-ordinator, Dr Peter Darben, have been recognised as part of National Science Week by being named as winners of th...

Join us at UQDI Open Day on Thursday 22nd September

Are you are interested in a career in research at an internationally recognised Institute in translational biomedical research, located at the Princess Alexandra Hospital? The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) is a...

Budding junior scientists to improve their German while in the research laboratory

Published 15th August, 2011   The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute’s SPARQ-ed has joined forces with Kenmore State High School to offer a unique German Immersion Research Science Day. ...

UQ innovators light up the world with brilliant ideas

Published 5th August, 2011   Biologic bullets that target bacterial infections and an innovative method for sustainable ammonia production...

New laboratory probes neurogenetics of brain disease

The Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) and The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute (UQDI) will further strengthen their research ties with China following the opening in Shanghai today of a joint laboratory dedicated to exploring how genes influence brain development and function.

The 3MT Winners Announced

Published 1st August, 2011 On Friday the 29th of July, nine researchers from The Unversity of Queensland Diamantina Institute theorised it out at the annual 3 Minute Thesis competition. As part of their candidature, the nine compet...

World-class QLD cancer centre will fast-track discoveries from the lab to the bedside

Published Tuesday 19th July, 2011

3 Minute Thesis Competition heats up

Published 1st July, 2011 An 80,000 word thesis would take 9 hours to present. Their time limit... just 3 minutes.   On Friday the 29th of July, participants will battle it out in the annual 3 Minute Thesis com...

Researchers discover major genetic breakthrough in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Published July 10th, 2011   Patients suffering from a painful form of arthritis which fuses bones in the spine and pelvis may have hope for the future development of new treatments.   Researchers at T...

Professor Ian Frazer: The third most trusted person in 2011

Published 22nd June, 2011 Professor Ian Frazer has a string of achievements after his name. Being identified as one of the most trusted people in Australia is just another addition. The Reader's Digest Trust Survey which was releas...

The Australian Society for Medical Research conference award winners

Published 7th June, 2011   UQDI researchers were recipients of impressive awards at The Australian Society for Medical Research Queensland Postgraduate Conference. At the ASMR conference evening dinner on Friday the 3

Summer Research Scholarships now open

2011 - 2012 Summer Research Scholarships are now open at The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Are you highly m...

UQDI Director honoured at Q-Index Awards

Published May 25th, 2011 At the first Q-Index Awards held on Sunday the 22nd of May, 52 leading researchers from The University of Queensland were honoured as leaders in their diverse fields of discovery. UQDI Institute Director, P...

UQDI researchers take the prize at annual ARA event

Published 20th May, 2011 Three University of Queensland Diamantina Institute researchers were recipients of awards at the prestigious 52nd Australian Rheumatology Association (ARA) annual meeting. The event, held at th...

Professor Ian Frazer elected Fellow of The Royal Society

Medical funding in Australia is safe

Published 11th May, 2011 A unanimous sigh of relief is being felt through the UQDI and collectively across the nation, after the Federal Government handed down the 2011-12 budget last night. After two months of relentless supp...

UQDI researchers discover new bone deformity gene

Published 4th May, 2011

Resveratrol trial

Published April 20th, 2011   UQDI PhD student, Veronique Chachay, is currently trialling the Resveratrol study, which she hopes could be the solution to better managing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). M...

Brisbane's Rally for Research

Published 20th of April, 2011   The Brisbane Rally for Research was held in King George Square on Tuesday the 19th of April, and although rained out, it didn't prevent people turning up in the masses. Hundreds of prote...

Health and medical research funding cuts: the facts

Published 12th April, 2011   A cabinet leak has confirmed that the Government is planning to cut funding for to Australia’s medical research in the upcoming budget. This will come from the National Health and Medic...

The future health of Australians under threat

  Published 12th April, 2011 JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT   The directors of Queensland’s leading medical research institutes have joined forces to speak out against significant...

Medical Research Facing Fund Cuts

An announcement by the federal government of a potential $400 million fund cut to the National Health and Medical Research Council has initiated a backlash by Australia's top medical researchers. The Australian medical industry faces huge ri...

Help fight cervical cancer in Vanuatu

Get behind Australians Helping Abroad and assist with treating cervical cancer in Vanuatu.

Australia’s top scientists take on top jobs

Australia’s top scientists take on top jobs

Grapes are good for you in more ways than one!

University of Queensland Diamantina Institute PhD student, Veronique Chachay, hopes to determine if a nutrient found in grape skin could hold the key to better managing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Resveratrol (RSV), an antioxi...

It takes more than water...

It takes more than water...

Grant awarded to research new avenues of treatment in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Grant awarded to research new avenues of treatment in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Funding awarded to investigate immune system memory in autoimmune diseases

Funding awarded to investigate immune system memory in autoimmune diseases

Genetic link found between spinal arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A genetic link has been found between spinal arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Gardasil in the Developing World

Gardasil in the Developing World

Breast cancer treatment

Work by scientists at The University of Queensland could open the door to a new way of treating certain breast cancers.

Frazer’s dream becomes a reality

UQDI Visiting Scholarships Launched

UQDI Visiting Scholarship Applications Now Available here.

Diamantina Institute welcomes Balzan Fellow: Dr Antje Blumenthal.

The UQ Diamantina Institute has welcomed Dr Antje Blumenthal as the Balzan Fellow in 2010. The fellowship provided by Prof Ian Frazer, a 2008 Balzan Prize recipient, is intended to encourage outstanding early career researchers to unde...

Diamantina Institute research excellence recognised during National Medical Research Week.

Dr Michelle Hill from the Diamantina Institute has been awarded the Queensland Health and Medical Research Senior Researcher Excellence Runner-Up Award by the Australian Society for Medical Research.

Queensland Treasurer presents new scientific collaborations with China.

New collaborations between Queensland and China could help develop novel treatments for oral cancers. Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development Andrew Fraser has announced $249,000 in Sma...