The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute is pleased to offer a winter course in Advanced Immunology at the Translational Research Institute, Woolloongabba.

The course offers:

  • Advanced instruction in immunology
  • Advanced practical training in immunological techniques
  • An opportunity to meet and hear from international leaders in the field of immunology
  • For eligible undergraduate students there is the opportunity for a UQ Diamantina Institute Honours Scholarship in Immunology valued at $3500.
  • Professor Sarah Robertson, University of Adelaide - “Mechanisms of immune tolerance in pregnancy"
  • Professor Paul McMenamin, Monash University - “Understanding the ‘plot’ of immune responses in the eye and brain”

Course formats:

  • Full course: includes morning lectures, afternoon practical classes, morning tea & lunch each day ($165)*.  - Available to enrolled undergraduate students from any University. 
  • Lecture only component: includes all lectures and morning tea each day. ($66).  - Available to enrolled undergraduate & postgraduate students or staff and trainees from any University. 
  • Lecture only component for non-University staff: includes all lectures and morning tea each day. ($132).  - Available to individuals who are not enrolled undergraduate & postgraduate students, University staff or trainees. 
  • All attendees are welcome for a presentation, pizza & refreshments session (4.00pm Friday) 

*Also on offer for the full course are three bursaries, that pay your registration fee to attend. To apply for a bursary you must provide 150 words (max) on how immunology interests you (completed during the ticket ordering process). 

Also to be won - 1 x Registration to BIG and 1 x ASI Membership.

*This course is a UQ Employability Award supplementary activity.  

Topics include (may be subject to minor changes):

Lectures (mornings) :

  • Review of Immune system
  • T-cells - CD8+ T-cell tolerance
  • T-cells – CD4+ Th differentiation 
  • Dendritic cells and antigen processing/presentation
  • Microbiome/immune/environment interactions 
  • Tumor-associated macrophages
  • Neuro-immune interactions and immune-surveillance 
  • Macrophages and infection
  • Dendritic cells and antigen targeting
  • Tumour immunotherapy
  • Autoimmunity and tolerance
  • Bench to bedside

Technology Seminars (included in the lecture schedule):

  • Introduction to fluorescence and confocal microscopy
  • Fundamentals of flow cytometry

Practical course (afternoons) will include:

  • Cell culture
  • Fluorescence microscopy (confocal)
  • Luciferase assay
  • Data analysis/presentation

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About Advanced Immunology Course

Be part of an exciting advanced immunology program, run by world-leading researchers.


37 Kent Street
Woolloongabba, QLD 4102