The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute is pleased to offer a winter course in Advanced Immunology at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) in Wooloongabba. Due to COVID-19 Restrictions the 2020 program will be delivered face-to-face but under conditions that are COVID-safe and conform to social distancing requirements.

The course offers:

  • Advanced instruction in immunology
  • An opportunity to hear from international leaders in the field of immunology: 
    • Professor Ian Frazer, UQ Diamantina Institute
    • Professor Ranjeny Thomas, UQ Diamantina Institute
    • Professor Gabrielle Belz, UQ Diamantina Institute

Ticket Options:

  • General Admission - Attendance is free but restricted to enrolled undergraduate or HDR students at any university.
  • This will be a self-catered event but light refreshments may be available subject to COVID-19 Restrictions in place. The Translational Research Institute has an on-site cafe.

Topics include (may be subject to minor changes):

  • Review of Immune system
  • Hematopoiesis
  • T-cells - T-cell tolerance
  • B-cells - B-cell Tolerance and antibody production
  • Dendritic cells and antigen processing/presentation
  • Microbiome/immune/environment interactions
  • Natural Killer Cells
  • Innate Lymphoid Cells
  • Tumor-associated macrophages
  • Macrophages and infection
  • Dendritic cells and antigen targeting
  • Tumour immunotherapy
  • Autoimmunity and tolerance
  • Bench to bedside

Technology Seminars:

  • Fundamentals of flow cytometry
  • Single Cell Technologies

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About Advanced Immunology Course

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