Guest speaker Professor Oded Rechavi from Tel Aviv University.

Oded will be presenting Heritable memories.

Wednesday 28 April, 3-4pm, via Zoom:

Email Jessica Iannotti for the Zoom password. 

Oded RechaviOded Rechavi’s Bio: Professor Oded Rechavi’s mission is to challenge fundamental long-held scientific dogmas. He found an exception to the original “Cell Theory”, provided direct evidence that an acquired trait can be inherited in nematodes, worked to elucidate an alternative transgenerational inheritance mechanism (that depends on inherited small RNA molecules, not DNA molecules), discovered a mechanism that allows nematodes’ brains to control the behaviour of their progeny, utilized genome sequencing of ancient DNA to “piece together” fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered a neuronal circuit-level mechanism that explains economic irrationality, and demonstrated that parasites can be genetically engineered to deliver drugs to the nervous system.

Professor Rechavi is an ERC Fellow, and was awarded many prestigious prizes, including the Polymath prize (Schmidt Futures), the Kadar award, the Blavatnik award, the Krill Wolf award, the Alon, and F.I.R.S.T (Bikura) Prizes, and the Gross Lipper Fellowship. Professor Rechavi was selected as one of the “10 Most Creative People in Israel Under 40”, and one of the “40 Most Promising People in Israel Under 40”.