Our research is proudly supported by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Diabetes Australia, Children’s Hospital Foundation.

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia (Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams, Prof Maria Craig, A/Prof Lutz Krause, Prof Jennifer Couper). Crosstalk between host and intestinal microorganisms in progression to islet autoimmunity. 2019-2021: US$900,000
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia (Dr Eliana Marino, Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams, Dr Kirstine Bell, Dr Sonia Saad). Specialized dietary intervention in human type 1 diabetes. 2018-2019, $350,000
  • Diabetes Australia Millennium Award (Dr. Emma Hamilton-Williams). Oral liposomes for antigen-specific immunotherapy of type 1 diabetes. 2018-2019, $150,000
  • Mary McConnel Award for Women in Paediatric Research, Children’s Hospital Foundation (Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams). Maintaining immune tolerance to prevent type 1 diabetes. 2018-2019: $50,000
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and The Helmsley Charitable Trust (Prof Ranjeny Thomas, Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams, Dr Mark Harris and Prof Hugh Reid) Preservation of pancreatic beta cells using antigen-specific tolerizing immunotherapy in children with type 1 diabetes. 2017-2020, US$1,276,000
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Career Development Award (PI Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams). A genetic link between gut microbial flora and T1D susceptibility. 2013-2019, US$750,0000
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Prof Ranjeny Thomas and Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams). Antigen-specific peptide immunotherapy targeting dendritic cells in type 1 diabetes. 2015-2017, US$500,000
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Microbiome consortium collaborative award (Dr Danny Zipris, Dr Emma Hamilton-Williams). Host-microbial interactions in the gut that precede development of type 1 diabetes. 2014-2016, US$500,000
  • NHMRC Project Grant. Dr. E. Hamilton-Williams (CIA). A Novel Role for the IL-2 Pathway in type-1-diabetes. 2012-2016, $527,200