Researcher biography

I currently hold an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (2016-2019) and have been employed by the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute since completing my PhD. During my PhD at the University of Western Australia (2010-2014), I time spent at the University of Toronto with one of my supervisors to gain experience in statistical modelling methods for longitudinal growth trajectories. This allowed me to conduct the first genome-wide association study of longitudinal growth trajectories over childhood. Prior to my PhD, I was a Research Officer, and subsequently Team Leader (Biostatistics), at the University of Western Australia. In this role, I developed strong ties with several international consortia investigating the genetic determinants of common, complex disease and played a key role in the analysis of several genome-wide association studies for these consortia. My research career to date has focused on applying advanced statistical methods to genetic data to help answer complex medical questions. The main aims of my current research are: 1) identify genetic variants associated with early life growth, including fetal growth, growth throughout childhood and through puberty, and 2) ascertain whether certain periods of growth throughout childhood and adolescence cause cardio-metabolic disease in adulthood.

Areas of research