Researcher biography

Janin Chandra received her Master of Science from the University of Frankfurt/ Germany, where she investigated the impact of vaccinia virus‐induced type I interferons on specific T cell expansion. In 2011, Janin completed her HDR studies in the Department of Experimental Immunology of the University of Zurich/Switzerland under supervision of Prof. Burkhard Becher where she investigated the role of NFkB‐inducing kinase (NIK) in cell‐mediated immunity and autoimmunity. It was then that Janin specialized in antigen-presenting cells and their properties in health and disease. In 2012, Janin received a 3-year post-doctoral research fellowship to join Prof. Ian Frazer’s research team at the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. Her studies here focussed on the role of different types of dendritic cells in human papillomavirus (HPV)-driven immune suppression. In 2015, Janin joined the team of Admedus Vaccines Pty Ltd. as Senior Scientist, a spin-off company located at the Translational Research Institute, which aims to develop immunotherapeutic vaccine strategies to combat chronic herpes-simplex 2 infections and HPV-induced malignancies. Janin managed all pre-clinical research activities within the company, and contributed to clinical trial activities. Since 2019, Janin re-joined the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute as Research Fellow, where she investigates human papillomavirus-driven immune suppression in antigen-presenting cells, and aims to optimize HPV-targeted immunotherapy approaches.