The main focus of our research is to develop immunotherapies for non-melanoma skin cancers. Our aim is to effectively activate CD8 T cells within the skin to kill tumour cells. To achieve this, we are investigating novel ways to deliver T-cell activating antibodies into the skin tumour microenvironment. The goal is to generate both local anti-tumour immunity and long term, memory CD8 T cells capable of protecting against recurrent tumour or new skin tumours at distant sites.     

  • Dr Graham Leggatt

    Associate Professor Graham Leggatt

    Affiliate Associate Professor
    School of Biomedical Sciences
    Associate Professor in Immunology
    The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
    Director (Research Training)
    Research Strategy and Support (Medicine)

Our current research project aims to examine intradermal delivery of novel combinations of therapeutic antibodies in the treatment of early skin cancers.


We have received funding from Cancer Council Queensland and Tour de Cure.