Workshop experiences

School groups can participate in a variety of experiences to deepen knowledge and skills relating to the curriculum.

Hear from our teachers—Virtual Lessons

Schools can book 45min – 1hour virtual lessons with our SPARQ-ed teachers who come to you via an online platform. Presentations have direct curriculum links and include reference to current research being conducted by world class scientists at the Translational Research Institute.


  • Vaccine technologies: Biology, Science
  • Cancer genetics: Biology, Science
  • Other – contact us via phone/email to discuss

Cost: Free. Contact us for more information including assumed knowledge of the lessons.

We’ll come to you—Incursions

Schools can book a 2-hour experimental workshop where our expert teachers will bring SPARQ-ed to you. Each incursion is supported by a teacher resource pack and CARA documents.


  • Bacterial transformation: Science, Biology
  • Separating proteins: Science, Biology & Chemistry
  • Analysing proteins: Science/Maths, Biology & Chemistry
  • Working with enzymes: Science, Biology & Chemistry
  • DNA extraction from fruit: Upper Primary, Science

Contact us to create a customised whole day experience consisting of two of the above incursion experiments.


  • Schools with ICSEA <950 - $ 50 per group of up to 28 students
  • Other schools - $100 per group of up to 28 students

For school groups—Workshops

School groups can participate in a single day workshop at our SPARQ-ed biomedical teaching facility. Students will advance their knowledge and skills in our PC2 Lab and Learning Centre. Each visit is supported with a resource pack, CARA documents and permission templates.


  • Working with DNA: Science, Biology, Certificate III Laboratory Skills
  • Enzyme Inhibitors: Science, Biology & Chemistry, Certificate III Laboratory Skills
  • Cell Biology: Science, Biology, Certificate III Laboratory Skills
  • Other. Select two incursion topics (above) to customise your visit.


  • Schools with ICSEA <950 - $ 50 per group of up to 24 students
  • Other schools - $350 per group of up to 24 students

Online modules

Working with DNA

Virtual Lessons 

These lessons give an overview of making recombinant DNA, as it applies to the Queensland curriculum and to the  practical workshops students can do at SPARQ-ed.  The lessons are organised into three modules, and include presentations and worksheets. For an overview of how the modules are structured, and how they link with the curriculum, refer to this video on Youtube.  In addition, each of the presentations are provided with audio explanations on this Youtube Playlist.

Module 2—The SPARQ-ed Workshop—Cloning GFP

Module 3—Restriction Enzyme Analysis

Enzyme inhibitors

Β-galactosidase catalyses several reactions, including lactose digestion in humans. Participants will explore how its action can be inhibited competitively or noncompetitively. There is scope in this workshop to develop and complete Biology Unit 1 Student Experiments or Year 10 Chemistry Student Experiments.

Curriculum links: Biology Unit 1, Chemistry Unit 2, Year 9 & 10 ACARA Science
Target grade levels: Year 9, 10 and 11

Cell biology

Participants will expose HeLa cells to varying concentrations  of salt. Using light microscope observations, they will draw conclusions about osmolarity of solutions. In the second part, they will explore the effect of growth factors on the differentiation of stem cells.

Curriculum Links: Biology Unit 1, Year 8 & 10 ACARA Science

Target grade levels: Year 7, 8, 10, 11

Fees and booking information

SPARQ-ed fees

See above for the costs associated with each experience.

To be paid on confirmation of booking through UQPay. Information will be sent with your Booking Confirmation.

Booking information

Start the booking process by completing the Program Registration Form and sending to SPARQ-ed staff will then contact you to finalise your booking.

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